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Joyous Expansion #105 - Ingrid Cucchi - Build A World Of Strong Women Together

July 29, 2021 Brett Dupree Season 1 Episode 105
Joyous Expansion/Church of Awesome
Joyous Expansion #105 - Ingrid Cucchi - Build A World Of Strong Women Together
Show Notes

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about the importance of mindset, AGAIN! Then he has a wonderful interview with Ingrid Cucchi

Ingrid Cucchi (pronounced cookie) guides aspirational women who want to re-invent their career, to figure out whether their future lies in a different job, their own business or work of their own design, to create a vision for their life and take massive action. When they master their life design, they have the freedom to choose when and how they work, to be financially independent and do meaningful things that help others.

Ingrid uses her experience in moving from stuck in a job she had outgrown to a life that gives her freedom to work when she wants; flexibility to spend more time with family and travel. She has created a system called Deep Dive Heart First that takes women on a 12 month journey to re-invent themselves, one step at a time.

Ingrid is a transformational coach who is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and who has combined her life experience and thirty years of leadership and management roles to bring her clients tangible, practical results while tapping into their goals and dreams.

She is passionate about inspiring women fulfilling their potential to be amazing leaders so that they too positively impact their families, communities and workplaces for generations to come.

She is an Aussie who loves to eat too much cheese, drink great wine and geek out on what the future will look like and how humans should be shaping it.

This message is for all of my listeners who think they deserve a better job and a life you are in love with. If you know you have a feeling of overwhelm that is affecting more than your work - it’s affecting your relationships and your health. If you feel stuck, a little nervous of change and don’t know where to start – then identifying what is holding you back is a great place to start.

You are certainly not alone in feeling stuck and unchallenged at work, wanting more. Stats show that one in 6 employees are mentally checked out of their job. And yet it’s also widely acknowledged now that when people feel a sense of purpose at work, they feel more valued and empowered and everyone benefits.

Most people think that life just happens to them and forget that they have the power to choose and change and create an extraordinary life. There are some remarkably simple things you can do love the work you do, find energy again for the important things in life and feel confident at work and about the contribution you make.

Ingrid has been there, and her programs are full of practical tools not just a lot of theory to move you forward. She will happily work with you at your own pace.

You might not think changing your career and designing your life is even imaginable right now until you take the first step – so as a special offer to my listeners she has set aside time in her diary over the next two weeks to give everyone who knows they want more, a free no-obligation 40-minute Purpose Clarity Breakthrough Session to help you identify your biggest blocker at work and what to do instead so that you can change the life you are living now.

Pop on over to this link and you can book a time in her diary now.

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