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Joyous Expansion #104 - Colin Thompson - Discovering Your Life Purpose And Blockchain Technologies

July 16, 2021 Brett Dupree Season 1 Episode 104
Joyous Expansion/Church of Awesome
Joyous Expansion #104 - Colin Thompson - Discovering Your Life Purpose And Blockchain Technologies
Show Notes

In this episode, Brett Dupree gives an update on his CBT and how he is working on changing his reactions to emotions, especially anxiety. Then he has a fun interview with Colin Thompson and how he became a Life Coach and Blockchain Technologies.

Colin C. Thompson, a Canadian-born Jamaican, is the founder and CEO of Oligye Enterprises (Shanghai) a Business Consulting company focused on coaching, training, and Blockchain technologies. Specializing in Personal Development, Diversity, and Career Coaching, Colin coaches individuals and groups on how to reach their dreams, goals, and desires.

Colin developed an extensive background in the Information Technology field working for blue-chip organizations such as International Business Machines (IBM), Ernst & Young LLP, and Howard University. In addition, Colin is co-Founder of XChainz, a blockchain-based educational and workforce platform for assessments, training, coaching, and the award of digital credentials.

Colin graduated from Howard University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Computer Based Information Systems and in 2006 with a double concentration MBA in Supply Chain Management and E-Business Technologies.

In his downtime, he enjoys pushing himself through competing in various events such as marathons and triathlons with his wife Kay.

“I am fortunate to be able to, on a daily basis, fulfill my true passion of building Oligye Enterprises to help individuals through LIFE Coaching and business training/facilitation; while also being able to live my dream of working with the next great disruptive technology - Blockchain.”

Once you identify your life purpose, you will have a target to reach; a target that once accomplished will positively change your life forever. once Colin identified his purpose in life which is to help others improve their lives, he started on a personal development journey that was key to him reaching my goal. By looking within and having some very tough conversations with yourself, you will realize that you are the cause of everything positive and everything negative in your life. Once you identify the person that you need to become in order to succeed, you will start to take full responsibility for your life and make reaching your goal the largest focus in your life.

When you start your journey of personal development and start living a life that is directed to your target, your life will slowly start to change for the better. you’ll start to clean out the junk in your life including people and activities that are negative and have no value. You will start attracting people and things that lead you to reach more and more of your goals. as you reach more and more of your goals and as you are getting closer to living a life of the design, your confidence starts the soar - and as you know with enough confidence and hard work, we can accomplish almost anything.

Colin wants to help you succeed in your personal development growth and journey. contact him through his website to make an appointment and together discuss how you can become the person you need to be, in order to succeed.

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