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Joyous Expansion #84 - Deena Janel - Trusting Your Gifts To Live A Joyful Authentic Successful Life

September 03, 2020 Joyous Expansion Podcast Season 1 Episode 84
Joyous Expansion/Church of Awesome
Joyous Expansion #84 - Deena Janel - Trusting Your Gifts To Live A Joyful Authentic Successful Life
Show Notes

In this episode, Brett Dupree talks about his engagement and how to deal with being overwhelmed. Then he has a wonderful interview with Deena Janel who talks about embracing her gifts and moving through her fears.

Born a natural clairvoyant, Deena first realized her gift during her teenage years. At first, she shut it down, as many people do, because she was frightened. Upon accepting this gift she has worked to fully develop her mediumship, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairempathy capabilities. These abilities give her the capacity to advise on past and future events as well as provide guidance for the present situation. She has the ability to channel various psychic realms, bridging intuition, and spirit guides with the physical world. Deena Janel understands that she has been presented with a gift and a purpose and does not take it lightly. 

Deena has a passion for helping people. For years, she has been using her fully clairvoyant abilities to provide powerful insight to her clients, enabling them to maneuver life’s many challenges and uncertainties. She can help you put your life on the right course and express your own unique gifts.

Deena’s answers tend to come through quickly and directly from Spirit. She often uses cards and automatic writing in her consultations, if the client requests or she feels it will enhance her ability to guide that particular client at that time. Her clients claim she is extremely accurate and her guidance from Spirit has brought comfort, understanding, and focus to their lives.

What makes a person more uneasy than a life question that remains unanswered?  

 Deena Janel works with people who need their questions answered quickly, accurately, and honestly.  Her clients continue to return because she is a no-nonsense reader who provides answers in a straight forward, yet compassionate way.  All Deena needs is your first name to begin to provide you with guidance from Spirit. 

 Deena advises on past, present, and future events by channeling various physical realms while using her intuition, and guidance from Spirit. 

Born a natural clairvoyant, Deena has fully developed her Evidentiary Mediumship, through her four metaphysical senses: 

·      Claircognizance: Clear Knowing

·      Clairaudience: Clear Hearing 

·      Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing

·      Clairempathy: Clear Feeling 


So what questions do you have that remain unanswered? Are you in need of healing, guidance, and/or comfort? 

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